Securing Your Bikes: Exploring Locking Systems for Bike Shelters

January 15, 2024

One of the primary reasons for the installation of bike shelters and compounds is, of course, security. They shelter your employees' and visitors' bikes from the elements and a piece of mind that your bike won't be stolen. For this to be indeed the case, we recommend our clients choose, when applicable, bike storage products with an extra layer of security.

As more riders turn to bike shelters for convenient and safe storage, the importance of robust locking systems cannot be overstated. Let's delve into the array of locking options available for bike shelters, each offering its own blend of convenience and security.

Types of Security Locks

Hasp and Staple

The time-tested traditional guardian – the hasp and staple lock, is a classic choice for bike shelters. Its simplicity shouldn't make you doubt its effectiveness. An example of hasp and staple use is our BDS Bike Cage, which serves as a free-standing structure that can be used to create a bike storage space within an existing car park, for example. As a standard, our cage comes with a single leaf gate 1.3m wide with hasp and staple included in the price. A sturdy padlock secures the hasp, creating a reliable barrier against unauthorised access. This no-frills approach is cost-effective and durable, standing up to the rigours of daily use whilst still letting you have control over who uses the shelter.

We also have an enhanced option with our Edinburgh Cycle Enclosure, which can be installed with a hasp and staple with a coded padlock.

Lock and Keys

The lock and key combination remains popular for its familiarity and straightforward operation, which everyone is comfortable with. Bike shelter users appreciate the ease of use and the tangible security provided by a well-crafted lock and its corresponding key. A good example that takes advantage of this security locking method is our BDS 20 Space Cycle Enclosure.

However, there is a drawback with this method of managing security – managing multiple keys, and the risk of misplacement should be considered in high-traffic areas. Additionally, the coming in and leaving may be a bit slower than alternative methods like card swipe systems.

Mechanical Coded Push Lock

This method has an advantage over the more traditional key and lock one as it eliminates the need for physical keys and is more secure. Users simply input a pre-set combination of numbers into the push lock, and it opens. This modern twist enhances user convenience while maintaining a high level of security. Customisable codes add an extra layer of protection, and the lack of keys means fewer items to carry while cycling and fewer things to worry about losing.

Swipe Card Entry System

For those seeking a higher level of sophistication, a swipe card entry system brings bike shelters in with the current times. Users gain access by swiping a card encoded with unique credentials. This electronic method enhances security, tracks entry and exit patterns, and streamlines access management for larger bike shelter installations. It is also very convenient for cyclists as it is easy to use – just swipe a card, which can be worn on a lanyard or in your wallet. Our Eastbourne Cycles Enclosure is a great example that offers a swipe card system option and can be further improved by adding Access Control & Facility Management using SpokesafeOS.


The Digilock system is another alternative we offer when securing your bike shelter or cycle enclosure. Offering keyless access through digital codes, these locks provide a seamless experience and are easy to use. With programmable features, including time-sensitive access and audit trails, Digilock represents the pinnacle of modern bike shelter security and is an excellent feature which can be implemented at the shelter gates and on any lockers you may have inside your bike storage facilities. Our Thirlmere Cycle Enclosure has the option for a digilock. If you are interested in this particular security solution, speak to us, and we can tell you if it can be implemented on other products.

Choosing the Right Locking System for You

Selecting the appropriate locking system depends on factors like the level of security needed, the volume of daily users, and the technological preferences of the community. Whether opting for the steadfast hasp and staple or the cutting-edge Digilock, each system contributes to your cherished bicycles' overall safety and security.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Locking System

What Level of Security Do I Need?

  • Low to Medium Security Needs: If your bike shelter is located in a low-risk area, a traditional hasp and staple or lock and key system might be all you need. These are cost-effective choices which are time-tested and work well.

  • High-Security Requirements: For bike shelters in high-traffic areas where stricter security measures are required, advanced options like mechanical coded push locks, swipe card systems, or Digilocks may be a better choice. They would provide heightened protection against theft and unauthorised access.

What is the Volume of Daily Users?

  • Low to Moderate Traffic: Simpler locking systems may be more practical in areas with sporadic bike usage. Lock and key combinations or hasp and staple locks offer straightforward access without the need for complex user management.

  • High Traffic Areas: For bike shelters near schools, transit hubs, or business districts with a constant influx of users, digital solutions like swipe cards or Digilocks streamline access control. These systems can manage large user volumes efficiently.

What About User Convenience

  • Traditionalists: Users who appreciate the familiarity of traditional locking mechanisms may prefer more straightforward lock and key combinations or hasp and staple locks. These are straightforward, reliable, and easy to understand.

  • Tech-Savvy Users: In locations with a demographic comfortable with newer technological solutions, digital options like mechanical coded push locks, swipe cards, or Digilocks may be a good idea. They provide a modern, keyless experience, which also increases safety.

What About Budget Considerations?

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Hasp and staple locks or lock and key combinations are generally more budget-friendly. They provide adequate security without the added expenses associated with electronic or digital systems.

  • Investment in Advanced Security: If security is a top priority and your budget allows it, investing in advanced options like Digilocks can offer a comprehensive and future-proof solution that aligns with evolving security needs.

Investing in a quality bike shelter with an advanced locking system is an investment in the longevity and well-being of your bicycles. Prioritise security, explore your options and ride with the confidence that your wheels are safeguarded by the latest in locking technology.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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