What Are The Basic End-of-Trip Amenities You Need In Your Bike Storage Area?

November 28, 2023

Cycling is not just a mode of transport; it's a lifestyle choice that comes with a set of unique needs. Whether you're a regular commuter or an occasional rider, having the right amenities in your bike storage area can significantly improve your overall cycling experience. It can also encourage new people to take up cycling.

Let's explore the essential end-of-trip amenities that can transform your bike storage space into a cyclist's haven.

Secure Bike Storage

The foundation of a cyclist-friendly space is secure bike storage. Installing safe, convenient and accessible bike storage facilities allows employers to encourage more employees to cycle to work. In one of the most recent British Council for Offices office occupier surveys, 22% of respondents said that secure covered bicycle parking/storage would encourage them to cycle to the office.

Invest in quality bike racks that offer secure locking points for both frames and wheels. Consider providing indoor bike storage or covered areas like bike shelters to shield bikes from the elements and deter theft.

Showers, Lockers and Changing Rooms

In the same survey done by the BCO, 12% of occupants cited insufficient facilities (such as showers, lockers, etc.) at work for not cycling to the office. The survey asked about specifics to understand better what facilities people meant. The top four answers were showers (24%), lockers (23%), towel provision (23%) and secure covered bicycle parking/storage (22%).

When designing great bike storage spaces, we always tell clients to put themselves in the shoes of the cyclists. Picture this: On a cold day in September, you have just ridden 6 miles to work; you get there reinvigorated but also sweaty, damp, and with a backpack full of gear, work items, and personal belongings. There is nowhere to change into work clothes, clean up, shower or leave some of your gear behind. You may start rethinking this commute of yours. Is a bike really a good idea?

To give cyclists peace of mind, offer them individual lockers for securely storing personal belongings and cycling gear. Even better, consider ventilated lockers, which can help damp gear dry throughout the day.

Make the transition from cycling to work seamless by offering changing rooms. Include shower facilities for those who commute longer distances, and provide private changing stalls for added comfort and privacy.

Drying Facilities

Interestingly, the BCO survey revealed some curious data. Some 17% of people, when asked what facilities would make them cycle to work, ticked 'drying area', and the same answer kept cropping up in the comments section, with numerous people saying they do not like having to take their wet kit up to their desk area.

We all know how wet the weather in the UK can be and what a challenge that is for cyclists. For those caught in unexpected rain showers, drying facilities are a game-changer. Towel services and drying racks can make the post-ride cleanup more convenient.

Bike Repair Station

Tires being punctured or needing a bit of air, or a bolt becoming loose and needing tightening is not uncommon, especially for people who bike every day. Getting stuck in the office with a punctured tire and having to walk all the way home pushing a heavy bike just because there wasn't any help in the office is not a situation in which you want your employees to find themselves.

Empower cyclists to handle minor repairs with well-equipped bike repair stations. Essential tools and a bike pump should be readily available for adjustments and tire maintenance. Adding this convenience can make a significant difference for riders and contribute to a positive biking experience.

CCTV And Security Measures

Once you have completed your bike storage area, it is a good idea to consider installing security cameras to enhance overall safety and act as a deterrent against potential theft. You can also implement access control measures such as access cards or codes to ensure that only authorised individuals can enter the facility. This will serve you and your employees well from a security and privacy point of view.

Promotional Materials

And lastly, we would say – take the opportunity to show any cycling-related promotional materials in your cycling storage areas. Display a cycling events calendar and other promotional materials to keep cyclists informed and engaged with the broader cycling community. If you have a Bike to Work Day or you've just signed up for the Cycle to Work Scheme, this is the space to put up a poster about it!

We would consider all these things a minimum for creating a properly equipped and genuinely usable bike parking facility. There are, of course, always more things you can add to elevate the experience even further. You could consider a few extras, like adding Wi-Fi and charging stations, complimentary toiletries and towel service – this would make your end-of-trip amenities premium and a pleasure to park at and use. You could also make the space more broad and inclusive and include lockers for non-cyclists, add seating and create a social space where a sense of community can be fostered, and people can relax for a moment.

Creating a well-equipped end-of-trip facility isn't just about convenience; it's about fostering a cycling culture and making a statement that your space is genuinely cyclist-friendly. Elevate your cycling experience by investing in these must-have amenities. And if you want to know more about how to provide employees with a five-star experience that will make them feel valued and satisfied with their workplace, improve their health, and even lead to increased productivity, see our guide on how to design the best bike to work facilities.

Bike Dock Solutions Team

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