Custom Designs

Custom design of bike racks and cycle stands

Your Design, Your Bike Rack

Bicycle racks can be custom made to suit your desired requirements, making them more exciting rather than boring. An increasing number of businesses have moved towards this custom designed idea, giving them that unique edge. By helping us help you, with a simple sketch, logo or basic idea, we can build on this and help turn your lifeless concept into a unique stimulating piece of street furniture.

See below for our custom designs:

Who Orders Custom Bike Racks?

Corporate Customers

To reinforce and strengthen brand image, it is a good idea to customise your bike racks with a company logo.

Schools and Community Centres

Why not truly customise the rack by getting students involved, playing a more important role in the school by allowing them to customise their own bicycle racks. This not only would be cost effective, but also give students the opportunity to give back to the school as well as designing their own personalised racks.

Museums and Public Institutions

A customised unique and vibrant looking bike rack would not only make public institution entrances appear more interesting, but also encourage people to ride their bikes, giving an eco-friendly influence. A history museum might order a bike rack looking like a dinosaur, or an aquarium may order a fish rack. The smallest change can make the biggest difference.

Business Districts

Bike racks can be used to accentuate the exciting nature of your region, while encouraging visitors to cycle.

City Parks and Trails

It can cost towns and cities thousands of pounds to create a distinctive look throughout. A customised bike rack could be a simpler and cost efficient way of creating this.


Functionality and security are extremely important for one main reason. It's simple, if cyclists do not like the rack, they won't use it. All of our custom bike racks are designed to function well with the design so they won't be misused; they need to be practical as well as stand out, so therefore are designed to:

  • Be easy to use and recognise
  • Be D-lock compatible and allow for both the frame and wheel to be secured
  • Park bikes neatly so the racks will still look attractive even when they are full of bikes

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