Bike Dock Solutions’ Guide to Two-Tier Bike Storage

April 02, 2024

Bike storage is a must-have for any modern building. Many products cater to the needs of building managers and owners who want to provide safe and secure storage for their employees or visitors. Two-tier bike racks have emerged as a leading trend within the cycling storage sector. As the popularity of cycling continues to soar, inquiries about maximising space through efficient storage solutions are on the rise. The answer often lies in two-tier bike racks, which stack bicycles vertically, doubling the parking capacity in a given area.

Our clients are very different, ranging from those expanding existing bike storage facilities to others responding to the growing demand for safe bicycle shelters. Recognising that space constraints are common, especially in areas like railway stations, where accommodating diverse needs is crucial, two-tier bike racks offer a practical and effective solution.

The primary benefits of two-tier bike racks over traditional ones include:

Security:Our racks provide robust protection against theft, featuring triple locking points for added security.

Accessibility:Designed for ease of use, our racks require minimal physical effort to park and retrieve bikes. With features like gas struts, accessing the upper level is effortless.

Space-saving:Maximising capacity in limited spaces, two-tier racks allow twice as many bikes to be stored compared to traditional racks.

Designer Feel:Sleek and compact in design, our racks contribute to a tidy and organised bike storage space.

We offer a diverse range of two-tier bicycle racks crafted from steel, aluminium, and wood, all meticulously designed with end-users in mind. With this short guide, we want to explore your options and explain why you might choose a specific two-tier stand or shelter.

Economy Two-Tier Bike Rack

The Economy Two-Tier Bike Rack is our most basic model of double-tiered bike storage. It is strong, galvanised for long life and durability and easy to use. It offers a space-efficient and affordable solution for bicycle storage due to its double-tier design that maximises storage capacity while occupying a minimal footprint. This makes it ideal for various settings, such as public spaces and educational institutions. This durable rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, effectively addressing the challenge of limited space in busy areas.

The two-tiered rack’s options include customisation for either underground or overground fixing, providing flexibility to suit different installation requirements. Its specifications include a 305mm parking centre and construction from galvanised steel tube sections, bars, and plates. Optional bolts are available for fixing together and securing to the ground, further enhancing stability and security.

It is a great low-cost solution for smaller budgets or any place that may be thinking about bike storage and wants to test the waters before making a more significant plunge.

Value Two-Tier Bike Rack

The BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack offers a fresh take on conventional bike storage systems. The double-tier rack combines Sheffield bike stands on the lower level and gas-assisted bike racks on the top. This bike rack gives users the choice to use the traditional U-shaped stands at the bottom, which are straightforward and familiar to all cyclists, or the more advanced but very easy-to-use top row of racks.

This innovative solution provides excellent space-saving and superb usability, making it a good value-for-money option. You can house twice as many bikes in the same area as standard racks. The racks are designed to accommodate all types of bicycles, including mountain bikes and road bikes, and they can be chained or d-locked.

With a compact centre-to-centre distance of 375mm and a low height requirement of 2.4m, this rack optimises space utilisation without compromising functionality. Additionally, it offers several benefits, including a durable galvanised finish, an easy-to-use upper tier with bearings and gas lift mechanism, compliance with BREEAM standards, and provision for three locking points per bike.

These types of racks can also be easily expanded and installed back-to-back or single-sided. They are ideal for busy areas like stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks, and offices.

Two-Tier Bike Rack

Our most popular two-tier bike storage solution is the BDS Two-Tier Bike Rack with a gas-assisted strut. It is innovative, user-friendly, and space-efficient—an unbeatable combination that will revamp your bike storage space.

These two-tier racks allow users to park two bikes in one space for one, thanks to their compact centre-to-centre distance of only 375mm. These bicycle racks are designed to be functional and compact, with a sleek and modern appearance, enhancing the overall look of bike storage areas. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key features of the BDS Two-Tier Bike Rack include an easy-lift gas strut for effortless bike lifting, a sloping wheel channel on the lower rack to eliminate bending between levels, and stainless steel bearings on the upper tier for durability. With robust construction galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 standards, the rack offers stable bike storage with locking bars for added security. The racks can be galvanised or powder-coated.

The rack accommodates all cycle types and can be extended indefinitely, with double—or single-sided versions available. It can also contribute to gaining ENE8 Cycle storage credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Two-story bike racks are a surging product due to their space-saving benefits, making them ideal for areas of high population density like stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks, and offices. They are the ultimate solution for bike parking and can be retrofitted in existing spaces or planned from the get-go of new buildings.

BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack

The BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack is a very similar solution to the Two Tier Bike Rack – it offers two levels of wheel channels which easily guide the wheel of the user’s bike in the right place.

The BikeSafe rack’s key features are the gas-assisted strut for ease of use regardless of the ability and strength of the user, aluminium top tracks to further ensure the smooth and easy experience of parking your bike on the top tier, stainless steel bearings and frame of steel galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 standard, which can also be powder-coated.

The racks accommodate all types of bicycles, which can be chained by the frame and wheel and the lower rack has a sloping wheel channel, so the user does not have to bend between the levels. The rack can be extended indefinitely, with double or single-sided versions available. It can contribute to gaining ENE8 Cycle storage credits under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The biggest difference between the two premium two-tier bike racks is that the BikeSafe one is the only Active Score-approved two-tier bike parking system. It has additional end panels that can be made of steel or timber cladding. This finishing element adds a touch of an architectural feel to the product, making it a bit more premium and polished-looking.

Electric Two Tier Bike Rack

The Electric Two Tier Bike Rack is a new version of our Two Tier Bike Rack that is keeping up with the newest demands in bike storage. This two-tier bike racks accommodates e-bikes and has the same great features like the standard two-tier rack. It is space-saving, with an easy to use gas strut and very secure.

Additionally, it has a built-in twin-gang UK plug socket and requires at least a 50 amp supply to a 240v single-phase commando socket with rotary isolation and FB Padlock. It is also Cycling Score approved.

The bike rack facilitates easy charging and secure parking and is an excellent addition to support the growing trend of eco-friendly transportation. It is ideal for offices, public buildings and transport hubs.

Two-Tier Bike Shelters

Bike storage can be located indoors or outdoors. Ideally, if you are investing in racks or stands outside, you want to protect them and your employees’ or visitors’ bikes from the elements. The best way to do that is by installing a shelter to go with your bike storage.

All of our bicycle shelters provide protection against bad weather, which is harmful to bikes. Our range of products comes with roofs and options for further protection by installing back and side panels. They also protect bikes from damage and theft and are a safe and secure location for storing cycles. Our two-tier bike shelters , however, are specifically designed in mind with space-saving. They are made to maximise capacity in smaller spaces and allow twice as many bikes to be stored in the same area as a traditional bike shelter.

Additionally, two-tier bike shelters are designed to look sleek and compact, making your bike storage space tidy and de-cluttered. They also come in different finishes and various colour options to maintain continuity with the rest of your building design and look.

We offer a range of several two-tier bicycle shelters made from strong steel and polycarbonate panels. All our products are time-tested, well-made and designed with final users in mind. We offer a range of double-stacked bike racks and shelter options such as our Two Tier Bristol Cycle Shelter , which, as a default, can accommodate up to 20 bikes and can be made extra protective with side and back polycarbonate panels. The same goes for the Two Tier Cardiff Cycle Shelter , which can include a roof, sides and back to make sure your bikes and racks stay safe from rain and UV rays, and the Two Tier Hammersmith shelter .

We also have our much larger Two Tier Ark Shelter which can store up to 160 bikes at a time.

Our two-tier bike shelters offer a range of finishes, colours and fixings to suit any environment and client requirements. They can be galvanised or powder-coated or have a combined galvanised and powder-coated finish. Some of our two tier bike shelters, such as the Two Tier Bristol Cycle Shelter , come with further add-on options, such as solar LED lighting. Depending on your style preferences, some come with flat slanted roofs or curved ones like the Two Tier New York bike shelter .

In conclusion, two-tier bike racks and shelters represent a modern and efficient solution for bike storage needs. Offering space efficiency, security, and accessibility, these solutions are ideal for various environments, from urban areas to educational institutions and offices. With options like the Economy Two-Tier Bike Rack, Value Two-Tier Bike Rack, and premium offerings like the BikeSafe Two Tier Bike Rack, there’s a solution for every requirement. Additionally, two-tier bike shelters further enhance protection and organisation, making them a practical choice for maximising capacity while safeguarding bicycles from the elements. Overall, investing in two-tier bike storage solutions is a forward-thinking decision, promoting cycling and providing secure storage options for cyclists.

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