What Are The Best Locations On A Property To Install Bike Racks?

April 18, 2024

There are many locations where installing bike racks, stands, or shelters may seem like a good idea. However, they’re not all created equal—some locations work better than others, and there are good reasons why.

Incorporating bike storage into the overall design of the property gives existing cyclists a place to park their bikes safely, and the existence of bike parking encourages more people to take the plunge and consider cycling as a viable everyday mode of transport. Installing appropriate bike racks or stands in an accessible place helps improve your property, the added benefits of your residential or workplace building and their overall aesthetic appeal while seamlessly integrating functionality with the surroundings.

There are many bike storage solutions to choose from, but along with the decision for the type of rack or stand comes the even more important one – where to install it. When considering the best locations on a property to install bike storage, several factors come into play, including convenience, security, and space utilisation. Here’s a breakdown of some prime locations.

Near Entrances or Exits

Placing bike storage near entrances or exits makes it convenient for cyclists to access their bikes quickly. It encourages regular use and reduces the hassle of transporting bikes across long distances within the property.

This rule is valid, especially when discussing visitors’ and customers’ bike storage. Our favourite example is a supermarket that has combined its bike stands and trolley shelter. On the face of it, it is a good idea – there is already a shelter, and extending the roof to cover the bike stands section is a minimal investment. However, the bike racks are so far from the entrance that bikes always end up chained to the bollards right in front. The location is distant, obscured by the larger shelter structure and tucked away in a way that most cyclists don’t even notice.

Even the best bike storage would go underutilised if its location is wrong and there needs to be clearer signposting.

Secure Areas

Security is paramount for bike storage. Choose locations that are well-lit and preferably within view of security cameras or high-traffic areas to deter theft and vandalism. Additionally, consider installing bike racks in enclosed spaces, such as bike rooms or cages, with controlled access to enhance security.

Security and safety are the raison d’etre of bike stands and bike racks—they exist to protect cyclists’ property. So when you are considering where to locate your bike storage, it will all, of course, depend on what space you already have; you should also think about security. The safest locations are usually places where there is already a high traffic of people, CCTV, or security personnel. These might be entrances or manned or unmanned car parks in or outdoors.

Alternatively, solutions like our Bike Cage can essentially create a self-contained safe space by fencing off an area or outdoor products like the Gull Wing Security Enclosure, which creates a highly secure space for cyclists anywhere on your property.

Covered or Sheltered Spaces

Protecting bikes from the elements helps prolong their lifespan and keeps them in good condition. Covered areas like bike shelters or awnings shield bikes from rain, snow, and excessive sunlight, enhancing their appeal for cyclists.

Along with security, this is probably the second most important reason for bike storage to exist – keeping bikes safe from both thieves and the elements. This is why you should consider using a space already indoors if possible – a car park, a large foyer or a large room that can be converted to a bike storage space by installing racks and stands. Look for areas on the property that are currently underutilised or unused, such as corners of parking lots, courtyards, or nooks. Transforming these spaces into bike storage areas maximises space efficiency and optimises property utilisation.

Alternatively, you can install a bike shelter with stands and racks that can be as simple or complex and secure as your needs require. We have a very wide range of shelters that come with plenty of add-ons for added safety, usability, and security, like doors, locks, swipe card systems, LED lighting, and so on.

A Few More Things to Consider

Before you install bike racks, shelters, or stands on your property, ensure that your product of choice is of good quality. The metal used in the construction needs to be strong and durable, like steel. Steel or stainless steel is the perfect choice for bike storage products as it can be easily shaped and moulded, requires very little maintenance, is highly durable, and lasts years. It can also easily be powder-coated in a RAL colour of choice.

Second, make sure that whatever you buy and wherever you install it is accessible to everyone. When you think about accessibility, think good location and good racks. Ensure that bike storage locations are easily accessible to all users, including individuals with disabilities. Install ramps or designated spaces for bike storage on ground level to accommodate different abilities and promote inclusivity. Regarding racks and stands, our recommendation is always to install a mix of several types to ensure all users are comfortable regardless of their preferences. One of our favourite pairings is two-tier racks with a few Sheffield bike stands. This combination works well because it makes the most out of the space of the area both vertically and horizontally, and it provides users with a choice – the standard stands, which everyone is comfortable and knows how to use, and the more modern gas-assisted ones, which can be intimidating but are equally easy to use once you try them.

Selecting suitable locations for installing bike racks, stands, or shelters on your property is crucial for encouraging bike usage and enhancing the overall appeal of your residential or workplace building. By incorporating bike storage into the property’s design, you provide cyclists with a safe and accessible place to park their bikes while also promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation. Considerations such as proximity to entrances or exits, security measures, shelter from the elements, and accessibility for all users play significant roles in determining the success of bike storage installations. Integrating bike storage into the property’s overall design enhances its appeal and functionality while fostering a sense of community among cyclists.

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