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The BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack (with easy lift gas assist) is a new take on the original BDS Two Tier Bike Rack. This pioneering and user friendly cycle parking system has excellent space saving bike storage, superb usability and high value; allowing you to house twice as many bikes in the same area and space as any standard bike rack. 

The unique aspect of the space efficient and cost effective "BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack" makes it exclusive which has resulted in a growing requirement for it; especially in areas of high population densities such as stations, shopping centres, schools, car parks and offices.

For all types of bicycles

The BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack can accommodate all types of bicycles, such as mountain bikes and road bikes, which can be chained or D-locked on to the Value Two Tier Bike Rack for added security. On the top level, the bicycle is well supported by wheel channels and the back wheel is stabilised by a gutter to lock the bicycle firmly into place. On the bottom level, the user will be using bike stands to rest their bike against and lock by the wheels and frame.

Simple and easy

This rack is excellent for space saving as the cycle stands are so compact with a centre to centre distance of only 375mm. And the height requirement for this rack is only 2.4m - lower than other double stacking racks on the market.

Value Two Tier Bike Rack Revit / CAD Files

Download our CAD files or contact us for help with planning. We also have an in-house designer who can check and assist any architect drawings free of charge.

Capacity Calculator*

Estimate how many bikes you can store:

Length mm units:

*Minimum height of 2.4 metres required

Benefits of the BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack include:

  • Available in a very durable galvanised finish
  • Easy to use upper tier using bearings and easy lift gas for long life and minimum maintenance
  • BREEAM compliant, where each bike has 3 locking points
  • The bicycle is held stable in the wheel channels with locking bars for additional security on top
  • Accommodates all cycle types (mountain bikes, town bikes etc, with tyres up to 60mm wide)
  • Bicycle frame and wheel can be chained for security
  • Cycle is well supported when being stored
  • These racks can be extended in lines indefinitely
  • Back to back or single sided versions available. As are angeld versions e.g. 45 degrees left or right.
  • Robust construction, hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • Designed and manufactured by a company with over 50 years experience
  • This bike rack can help contribute towards gaining ENE8 Cycle storage credits when used in the appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Cycle stands are compact with a centre to centre distance of 375mm. Bike stands at the bottom have a centre spacing of 700mm. The top and bottom hold the same number of bikes.
  • Minimum height required is 2400mm x minimum depth 1950mm (plus a recommended minimum entrance space of 1500mm)
  • Easy lift gas strut fitted so lifting the bike up on the rack requires minimal force from the user
How many bikes can I fit in with the BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack?

It's easy to work out. All you need to do, is measure the length of the area you want to fit the rack in. The length (mm) divided by 375mm = number of bikes that will fit on the bottom row. Multiply by 2 to get the total number of bike spaces and subtract 2 bikes to allow for the handle bars sticking out.

For example. 4000mm length divided by 375 = 10.666. Multiplied by 2 = 21.333. Round it down to 20 bikes.

How much space in the room do I need?

To be comfortable, we advise at least a 3500mm depth and a width of:

  • 4 bikes - 1125mm
  • 6 bikes - 1500mm
  • 8 bikes - 1875mm
  • 10 bikes - 2250mm
  • 12 bikes - 2625mm
  • 14 bikes - 3000mm
  • 16 bikes - 3375mm
  • 18 bikes - 3750mm
  • 20 bikes - 4125mm
  • Simply add 375mm for each extra 2 bikes.

Lead Time on the BDS Value Two Tier Bike Rack

Unlike many other Two Tier bike rack manufacturers, we carry stock of the main components so lead times can be much shorter. We have often delivered against very strict deadlines, The London Shard being an example; where we attended site, created a CAD layout plan for approval, designed a bespoke solution, manufactured and delivered in 4 weeks to the set and agreed deadlines.

Typical delivery time: 2-8 weeks



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