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Bike Dock Solutions Two Tier Bike Racks installed at a public train station for commuters

Bike Dock Solutions prides itself on in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. Our comprehensive facility in London, spans 20,000 square feet, enabling us to create a wide array of innovative and contemporary bike storage products. This facility plays a key role in ensuring that our designs are both cutting-edge and highly durable.

Our extensive range includes bike shelters, stands, and racks, catering to various sectors such as local authorities, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. The diversity and quality of our products have positioned us as a leader in the bike storage market across the UK.

We offer around 5,000 products, providing solutions that cater to all design criteria, whether it's for budget-conscious projects or bespoke requirements. Our team is dedicated to delivering products that combine affordability with exceptional quality, ensuring a low cost of ownership for our customers. For further information or assistance, our technical sales team is readily available to help.

Our Own Powder Coating Facility

The introduction of our in-house powder coating facility in 2015 marked a significant milestone, allowing us to enhance the quality control of our products while improving the efficiency of our production process. This development has been instrumental in maintaining our commitment to high-quality standards.

By managing this process internally, we avoid the delays often associated with outsourcing, ensuring a more streamlined production line. This efficiency is a key advantage for our clients, especially when quick turnaround times are crucial. It's a part of our continuous effort to provide not just quality products, but also timely and reliable service.

Bike Dock Solutions Powder Coating Facility
Bike Dock Solutions Powder Coating Facility
Bike Dock Solutions Powder Coating Facility
Bike Dock Solutions Powder Coating Facility

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