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Bike and Personal Storage Lockers

Lockers are an excellent solution to storage problems for both bikes and cyclists' personal items on your premises.

Cycle Lockers provide high security and are space-efficient for every environment. Our innovative and adaptable storage solution offers a practical and safe space for storing your bike. Our Cycle Lockers include the Folding Bike Locker, Brighton Twin Cycle Locker, The Access Bike Shed and the Brighton Tall Cycle Locker. They come in a variety of different colours and designs, all to suit your needs.

We also offer several designs of excellent personal items, storage lockers for changing rooms, and end-of-trip facilities. They are designed to go a long way in storage space as well as look sleek and modern. Personal storage lockers for clothes, helmets, and change of clothes or bags are a must-have for every changing room.

Locker – From Bike to Personal Storage

Our lockers category includes a few types of products, which are all made to make your bike storage easier and improve your offering to cyclists.

The Access, Brighton Twin Bike Locker and the Brighton Tall Cycle Locker are all-metal bike storage sheds which offer a robust solution for storing bikes. The Access accommodates up to 4 road or mountain bikes, ensuring peace of mind for bike owners. This locker is delivered flat-packed for assembly at home or with optional installation service and boasts heavy gauge galvanised steel panels, a sturdy metal floor, and reinforced double doors with external shroud locking points for exceptional security. It includes two free discus padlocks and features integral locking for added protection.

The Twin bike locker accommodates two bikes discreetly accessed from the end, ideal for areas with limited space. Delivered flat-packed for home assembly or with optional installation, it features dimensions of 3ft 11" in height, 2ft 11" in width, and 6ft 6" in depth, with a weight of 152kg. The Tall Cycle Locker, on the other hand, maximises floor space by storing bikes on their back wheels. Its thick, weatherproof, all-steel construction includes an easy-access guide ramp and a wheel-retaining clamp. Delivered flat-packed or installed, it stands at 6ft 5" in height, 2ft 4" in width, and 3ft 6" in depth, weighing 132kg. Both lockers offer secure storage with tough pick-resistant locks.

We also have the larger Street Dock - an enclosed cycle shelter designed for 5 bicycles, featuring a sliding roof for added security. Ideal for private or community areas, it offers maximum protection against theft. Combining two modules accommodates up to 10 bikes. With a galvanised and powder-coated finish, it's durable and secure, with a lockable main door.

To cater to innovative bike models, we also have folding bike lockers with storage for helmets, locks, and small bags, featuring a combination lock and master key for security. Each locker has three compartments, with keyless electronic or 4-digit mastered combination locks available. Measuring 2100mm H x 400mm W x 650mm D, they offer perforated doors to quickly identify empty compartments that can be bolted together for stability. Made from mild steel, they're powder-coated in grey (RAL7015) as standard, with custom colours available.

When designing your cycle facilities, try thinking about your employees' entire journey – from when they arrive on your premises to when they need to walk through the office door. This mental image of their journey should give you a good idea of why end-of-trip facilities are just as important as the bike storage space itself. Their journey needs to be hassle-free, convenient and ideally pleasant. To have the best bike storage-and-beyond facilities, an end-of-trip area is a must, and it should include some lockers.

We carry stylish-looking media charging lockers - convenient and secure storage for electronics like bike lights and handheld devices, with 15 individually accessed compartments. Constructed from mild steel with a powder-coated finish, it features number padlocking and includes USB and 3-pin plug charging points.

We also offer a selected range of clothes and personal items lockers, which are a must-have for any changing room. One of our best models is the modern-looking Z Locker, which has a functional and clever design, and in the space of one locker hides two. It has a wide variety of options available in mild steel or aluminium carcass, metal or SGL (Solid Grade Laminate) doors, coat rails, hooks and other additional fittings, along with a selection of colour combinations and locking systems. You can also provide further comfort to your employees by getting one of our two-tiered lockers with a bench which has extra holes for storage that can be used for shoes or other smaller items.

Our bike and personal storage lockers offer versatile solutions for secure and space-efficient storage of bicycles and personal belongings. From the Folding Bike Locker to the Brighton Twin Cycle Locker and the Brighton Tall Cycle Locker, we provide options to suit diverse needs. Additionally, our Street Dock shelters bicycles with maximum protection, while our folding bike lockers offer compact storage with advanced security features. Explore our range today to enhance your cycling experience and provide hassle-free storage solutions.

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