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Bike Enclosures & Compounds

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Bike Enclosures and Bike Compounds

Bike enclosures and bike compounds have become an increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to provide secure bike storage for their employees and customers. Outdoor solutions such as a bicycle compound are a great way to cater to the increasing number of people who leave their cars at home and hop on a bike instead.

Providing safe and secure storage for bikes is something we know well. We are familiar with the extra challenges of building sheltered bike parking outdoors. We design our bike enclosures and bicycle compounds with sturdy protections against theft, making them durable materials that last.

Our extensive range of cycle enclosures and bike compounds can provide your property with excellent facilities to store bicycles away. Cycle shelters provide a safe environment, offer protection from adverse weather conditions, and free up space inside living or work areas. We know our customers have a vision of how their space needs to look. This is why our products come in different sizes, colours and various designs. We offer compact and smaller in size bike enclosures which can fit 6/8 bicycles, as well as much larger cycle enclosures which can accommodate bike parking spaces for up to 120 bikes.

As with our other products, we advise our clients to think about several things before deciding on bike storage solutions. Firstly, it is essential to assess the available space, its location and the number of bikes you expect to be storing.

In the case of cycle enclosures and bike compounds, the question is whether you have an outdoor area available. Despite what you might think, this area doesn’t necessarily need to be very large. We have products such as our Secure Cycle Compound, which is relatively compact with a size of 3432mm x 2350mm and accommodates up to 8 bikes. Another excellent example suitable for smaller outdoor spaces is our Street Dock bike storage solution, which can take 5 bikes with an option to extend it for up to 10.

We also have much larger bike storage ideas for clients with ample space and need to keep more bikes on their premises. An excellent secure option is our Gull Wing Security Enclosure, which can hold up to 120 cycles.

How Do Our Bike Compounds and Bike Enclosures Help Cyclists?

Bike riding as a mode of everyday transport is increasingly popular as more people are becoming aware of the need to lead a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of life.

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to upgrade your property to include bike storage, regardless if your building is a work or residential one. Being a more environmentally conscious business and increasing the value of your property are two of them. Being a good employer or landlord is another big reason. Installing a proper bike enclosure or making a secure bicycle compound on your premises would make your employees more likely to cycle to work and would likely increase overall staff satisfaction, as cyclists, just like drivers, would like their vehicles protected.

There are several ways in which a bike enclosure or a compound helps cyclists.

Sheltered enclosures provide a safe and secure way of storing your bike away and give you the confidence it will be there when you come back. Our well-designed bike compounds and enclosures are made to ensure there is minimal risk of theft or damage to bikes. We design our enclosures with security features like coded padlocks, special doors and walls that ensure nobody can crawl under the perimeter. Additionally, some of our products, like the BDS Cycle Security Enclosure, come with a secure swipe card system.

Our bicycle compounds are also usually offered with a roof option like our Bristol Bike Compound. This means bikes are not just provided protection from theft but from harmful weather conditions too. Cyclists like security but are even happier if their bikes are kept safe and dry.

Cycle enclosures also provide an orderly designated area for storing bikes, which is convenient for cyclists. Usually, bike storage spaces are intentionally located conveniently close to entrances. Entrance proximity is especially appreciated when the weather is bad.

We provide a large selection of well-made, durable bicycle storage solutions to suit any need, space and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our bike storage solutions and how we can help you choose a suitable bike enclosure or compound.

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