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The Bike Dock is an innovative alternative to Sheffield stands and bike shelters. Designed to offer secure locking points for the bike frame and wheels. Stores up to 8 bikes.


Added Security
Bikes are stored upright and improves bicycle visibility. Strong struts and steel locking loop allow cyclists to secure any part of their bike to it.

Easy to use
Simply roll your bicycle up the struts, dock your bike in place and apply your chain/D-lock to any part of your bike on to the strut and locking loop

Space Saving
You may find you need to park more bikes in confined spaces, so this product will store 8 bikes upright, resting on their back wheels. This is approximately 30% more space efficient than the equivalent 4 Traditional Sheffield stands

An optional roof not only ensures dry saddles but also can offer broad advertising opportunities for an organisation seeking brand exposure.

The Carousel Mechanism
To increase your Bike Dock space efficiency to 50% improvement on Sheffield Stands, why not upgrade to 360º rotating carousel mechanism. This significantly reduces bike entry space needed, to just the width of a bike. Complete with safety feature bearing to prevent quick rotation.

"A must have for any employer serious about giving their staff maximum available bike parking spaces.”

- Kevin Kelly, Charfleets Ltd

This bike rack can help contribute towards gaining ENE8 Cycle storage credits when used in the appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

  • Mild steel.
  • Overground (boltdown) fixing.
  • Dimensions: 2000mm wide (3000mm including bike saddle overhang) x 1900mm tall (3000mm with Roof) x 2000mm deep.
  • Approx weight: 150Kg.

Code: BR3 2201

Typical delivery time: 8 weeks

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